97% of Network Marketers Fail in Business. FALSE Statistics!

Network Marketers Fail

Do you believe that 97% of Network Marketers Fail?

While this statistic also applies to business ownership in general, I’m framing my point around the network marketing industry.

I challenge this statement with full conviction that its fallacy is born at inception. What on earth do I mean?

Thousands and millions of people decide to set up their own business, get into the part time opportunities or leap into network marketing because they see it as solution or a means to achieve something, a goal or a dream. Most people don’t get into this sort of thing for fun or entertainment – we’re in agreement so far, right?

Now, an obvious and almost a wallpapered fact is that Network Marketing is a BUSINESS – yes it is!

It’s not a magical get-rich-using supernatural powers, pills or even by really-wishing-hard-to-succeed scheme!

What this means is that you need to approach your intent to generate wealth in Network Marketing the way humans approach setting up any normal successful business. While the working details may differ at a macro level, the big idea still applies! I know I’m still stating the obvious – but it helps build my case!

Now, in most people’s minds they are in business once they sign up as a rep (in the case of network marketing) or when they obtain a trade license or open a store or do whatever signifies to them that they are in business.

I have a fundamental problem with that. Why?

See, you’re not in business until you’re in business.

What the heck? Well, until you actually do what it takes to setup and work a business YOU’RE NOT in business!

What you have is simply the INTENTION to be in business.

Network Marketers Fail
While not an exhaustive list, the following are examples of key elements that need to be in place before you can claim you are in business;
  • Have a crystal clear purpose for the existence of your business and your motivators – truly be able to address your WHY without thinking about it!
  • Crack the winning mindset. Volumes have been written on this subject.
  • Secure a clear plan for your work with SMART goals ..etc. Define The strategy and actions you will take to achieve your goals.
  • Be SERIOUS – Work your business with the as much seriousness as humanely possible and NOT as a hobby or a thing that you get to when you feel like it
  • Be CONSISTENT in all your actions – Company shopping, key-strategy hopping and the next new gotta-have whatchamacallit will not be the secret to your success. You are the opportunity – accept it and work it.
  • Ensure that you have a team that you work with closely, tightly and honestly. Solo-riding cowboys do not last in network marketing!

Like I said, while the above is not intended to be a comprehensive all-you-need-to succeed in business blue-print, it is an indication of  some key ingredients required to succeed, ones that are most often talked about but never really achieved!

Only when you secure all the above (along with a few more elements), you are eligible to say that you are in business – whether it’s part time or full time.

These are not nice-to-haves, these are the core elements required to qualify a business.

Once you apply the above filter, you will eliminate the majority of people who THINK they are in business.

Now with that in mind, the statistic should read: ” 97% of those who think they are in Network Marketing Fail“!

Isn’t that a little different?

Hell yeah!

If we revisit the original statement, numbers will not only change dramatically – it could potentially read: 3% of Network Marketers Fail!

Got something to say? Go for it!

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