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97% of Network Marketers Fail in Business. FALSE Statistics!

Network Marketers Fail

Do you believe that 97% of Network Marketers Fail?

While this statistic also applies to business ownership in general, I’m framing my point around the network marketing industry.

I challenge this statement with full conviction that its fallacy is born at inception. What on earth do I mean?

Thousands and millions of people decide to set up their own business, get into the part time opportunities or leap into network marketing because they see it as solution or a means to achieve something, a goal or a dream. Most people don’t get into this sort of thing for fun or entertainment – we’re in agreement so far, right?

Now, an obvious and almost a wallpapered fact is that Network Marketing is a BUSINESS – yes it is!

It’s not a magical get-rich-using supernatural powers, pills or even by really-wishing-hard-to-succeed scheme!

What this means is that you need to approach your intent to generate wealth in Network Marketing the way humans approach setting up any normal successful business. While the working details may differ at a macro level, the big idea still applies! I know I’m still stating the obvious – but it helps build my case!

Now, in most people’s minds they are in business once they sign up as a rep (in the case of network marketing) or when they obtain a trade license or open a store or do whatever signifies to them that they are in business.

I have a fundamental problem with that. Why?

See, you’re not in business until you’re in business.

What the heck? Well, until you actually do what it takes to setup and work a business YOU’RE NOT in business!

What you have is simply the INTENTION to be in business.

Network Marketers Fail
While not an exhaustive list, the following are examples of key elements that need to be in place before you can claim you are in business;
  • Have a crystal clear purpose for the existence of your business and your motivators – truly be able to address your WHY without thinking about it!
  • Crack the winning mindset. Volumes have been written on this subject.
  • Secure a clear plan for your work with SMART goals ..etc. Define The strategy and actions you will take to achieve your goals.
  • Be SERIOUS – Work your business with the as much seriousness as humanely possible and NOT as a hobby or a thing that you get to when you feel like it
  • Be CONSISTENT in all your actions – Company shopping, key-strategy hopping and the next new gotta-have whatchamacallit will not be the secret to your success. You are the opportunity – accept it and work it.
  • Ensure that you have a team that you work with closely, tightly and honestly. Solo-riding cowboys do not last in network marketing!

Like I said, while the above is not intended to be a comprehensive all-you-need-to succeed in business blue-print, it is an indication of  some key ingredients required to succeed, ones that are most often talked about but never really achieved!

Only when you secure all the above (along with a few more elements), you are eligible to say that you are in business – whether it’s part time or full time.

These are not nice-to-haves, these are the core elements required to qualify a business.

Once you apply the above filter, you will eliminate the majority of people who THINK they are in business.

Now with that in mind, the statistic should read: ” 97% of those who think they are in Network Marketing Fail“!

Isn’t that a little different?

Hell yeah!

If we revisit the original statement, numbers will not only change dramatically – it could potentially read: 3% of Network Marketers Fail!

Picking a silver cherry from all the beautiful berry

A few days before we went on a berry picking trip I got the urge to do this, just because I can. I decided to post a non-traditional piece to many of the hardcore ‘look at my opportunity and I really don’t care about what you have to say’ groups on Linkedin!

Can you guess what kind of response I got from the following riddle ?


Picking a silver cherry from all the beautiful berry.

I have searched high and low where no one ever flew,
Did not buy into many only jumped into a few.

Some made happy some turned me blue,
Lots of great comp plans, but the success is in you.

How great is a little riddle when played to the sound of fiddle?

I’ve just found my keeper, my nugget,
Little persuasion, I may share while I closely hug it.

It’s shiny and round, everyone I know would want it around,
It’s worth more than the money, oh, and it’s sweeter than honey.

It hasn’t really been haggled when sold,
 could it be silver and gold?

Get in touch with me NOW, as this is very bold,
it’s all about timing, as we have been told!

Being Different VS Making A Difference

Making a Difference in Network Marketing

I was born different.

Making a difference in Network Marketing

Well not too different, but different enough. 11.5lb newborn to a mother who probably weighed about 100lbs!

I’m convinced that has had an impact on my genetic makeup of having to do things my way, which if you haven’t guessed happens to be different from most people’s ways!

The PROS have outweighed the CONS for me throughout my life. Well, having been in advertising for 14 years has helped me get away with a few things that mattered to me; very long hair (in a relatively conservative market), complete disregard to wearing a suit ‘at least to even important meetings’ attitude, my day beginning when it begins, the occasional bright red sneaks and the odd neon orange furry coat for my PC until the chairman of the agency authorized IT to buy me a mac!

See folks, along the way I managed to develop a ‘skeptic from hell’ approach to life, empowered by a titanium-tough shield that protected me from the mediocrity around me! Or so I thought!

When I decided to walk away from a very rewarding and high paying job my objective was to do things my way, 100%, no compromise!

Guess what? Network Marketing appeared at the right time in my life. It represented the freedom many of us seek but rarely are ever to pay bills pursuing in real life! With the help of my wife, who ripped away my stealth filter and allowed me to dig deeper into the notion of network marketing (which it was at that point in my brain).

I saw some light and I liked the shadow it cast onto me.

Making a difference in Network Marketing

But you wouldn’t have guessed. The drama began when I had to accept the powerful concept of DUPLICATION.

What? I walk away from earning 6 figures and leading a team of over 100 people to have to CARBON CLONE the actions of a twenty year someone who I have never met in real life with hope my career and income will work out duplicating a young stranger!


I have to admit a few of those young dudes were pretty slick in how cool they made it all look. So I took a leap of faith. About the same time that my entire outlook to life was taking a 180 degree turn. Thank you universe for intervening!

Fast forward, a few months into my first Network Marketing experience, I just wasn’t cutting it! I faced a complete inability to even come close to closing, let alone having a list of more than 2 people! Yup, “this is not for me” was the immediate mental response – BUT I hung in there. I was conscious enough to realize there was something fundamentelly wrong with what I was doing, actually it was how I was approaching it.

My sly sub-conscience was getting me to frame my approach and actions using the “YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT” in how you do it as there are millions of other script following earth roaming Network Marketers who are all doing the same thing! (a side-effect of having worked in advertising for so long!)

Making a difference in Network Marketing

What it also consistently succeeded in doing was to distract me enough from seeing what should have mattered which is “MAKING A DIFFERENCE”. A difference to me and a difference in the value I bring to those I approach with great opportunities.

As I educated myself (partly on my own but mainly by being a great student to my amazingly resourceful wife), it dawned upon me.

The fuse of the most basic pieces of knowledge that I had been successfully teaching to many team members for years lit up!

You need to walk before you run. You need to learn to play the basic chords before you improvise and shred your own power solo!

So, I decided to accept following the notion of duplication BUT I couldn’t entirely give in, so with the help of my wife and the universe (after I asked nicely) I gradually began to meet leaders that I admired, each for her/his own contribution to success in Network Marketing. Some for their mindset training, others for the tech genius, some for their vision and so forth.

While the nugget in my message may not be an issue to most people (who blessed with the ability to be pretty comfortable with just doing things they are told will work without too much resistance), for those of us who need to reinvent ourselves every time we do something in our lives (irrespective of it’s significance!) rest assured there is a place for us in Network Marketing. In fact I think many of us create interesting approaches to the business! I mean how much madder can you be than Dave Wood and he’s successful, right?!

The interesting thing is that there’s a common thread that runs through the leaders that I admire… they all have the ability to identify the right opportunity and they stick to it and work it hard and they are authentic about the whole thing. The wackier they are the higher points they get!

It’s no coincidence that some of the most influential leaders in today’s Network Marketing world and their teams have singled out NUMIS (a gold and silver based opportunity) as their primary business! They are building it with blood sweat and tears and making hundreds and thousands of leaders-in-the-making successful and wealthy!

Can you guess what my primary business is today?

Making a difference in Network Marketing

In my finale, I address the question; will doing things the “proven and tested” way always beat doing it your “super duper creative” way?

That folks, is my question to you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Loving Life, Living Life.

Firas Abouzeid

P.S. There has been lots and I mean lots of hype about Numis. A lot of the info out there is great, but, I suggest you check this link to get the quickest drill on the details. Do it NOW, not later, which never comes!


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