Picking a silver cherry from all the beautiful berry

A few days before we went on a berry picking trip I got the urge to do this, just because I can. I decided to post a non-traditional piece to many of the hardcore ‘look at my opportunity and I really don’t care about what you have to say’ groups on Linkedin!

Can you guess what kind of response I got from the following riddle ?


Picking a silver cherry from all the beautiful berry.

I have searched high and low where no one ever flew,
Did not buy into many only jumped into a few.

Some made happy some turned me blue,
Lots of great comp plans, but the success is in you.

How great is a little riddle when played to the sound of fiddle?

I’ve just found my keeper, my nugget,
Little persuasion, I may share while I closely hug it.

It’s shiny and round, everyone I know would want it around,
It’s worth more than the money, oh, and it’s sweeter than honey.

It hasn’t really been haggled when sold,
 could it be silver and gold?

Get in touch with me NOW, as this is very bold,
it’s all about timing, as we have been told!

Got something to say? Go for it!

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